Stowe-by-Chartley Parish Council		V 1 13.07.31

These restrictions do not apply to people with a disability who

are accompanied by an assistance dog.

Dog fouling can cause serious illness as well as being unpleasant.

Please take a poop scoop with you when your walk your dog and

dispose of faeces by putting it in the bins provided. To report an

offender go to

Dogs on Parish Council playing field.

The Council have removed the signage at the entrance and

replacing it with a temporary sign referring to the Borough

Council’s Public Open Space Protection Order(PSPO)

The PSPO requires dog walkers to:

1. remove dog faeces immediatly after the dog has defecated,

2. put the dog on a lead when directed by an authorised person,

3. not walk more than 4 dogs at a time.

Dogs fouling notice.

The next Parish Council meeting is a Remote meeting on Tuesday July 7th - see agenda

on Parish Council/Meetings page for full details.