Stowe-by-Chartley Parish Council		V 1 13.07.31

Housing Needs Survey

Stowe by Chartley Parish Council has launched a Housing Needs Survey to find out what, if any, housing needs there are in the Parish. With funding from Staffordshire County Councillor, Cllr. John Francis, the Council have commissioned an indepedent survey. Survey forms have been delivered to every house in the parish with a request that it be completed by 15th October, sealed in an envelope and kept handy for collection by a local councillor in the following week. Whilst the Council would prefer to receive the printed forms it is possible to fill in a survey form online by clicking on the following link Although the printed forms are numbered this is only so that the assessor can identify duplicates or match two forms from the same property. If you fill in the form online or post it someone will still call to collect the hard copy as there is no record of which number relates to which property.

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13th October 2018