Stowe-by-Chartley Parish Council		V 1 13.07.31

Housing Needs Survey

Stowe by Chartley Parish Council has decided to carry out a Housing Needs Survey to find out what, if any, housing needs there are in the Parish. With funding from Staffordshire County Councillor, Cllr. John Francis, the Council have commissioned an indepedent survey. The person carrying out the survey will give a presentation at 7pm on 3rd July in Stowe by Chartley Village Hall and residents will have chance to comment. The Council meeting will get underway after this session and the Council will decide on the detail of the survey - bearing in mind that it has to be carefully structured in order to have any authority.

Amenity Skips

Village Hall Car Park

10am to 11am

14th April 2018 21st July 2018 13th October 2018

Councillor vacancies

Cllr. Mrs. Hurdle and Cllr. Welch have been coopted into the two councillor vacancies on

the Council.