Stowe-by-Chartley Parish Council		V 1 13.07.31

Housing Needs Survey

Stowe by Chartley Parish Council has carried out a Housing Needs Survey to find out what, if any, housing needs there are in the Parish. With funding from Staffordshire County Councillor, Cllr. John Francis, the Council commissioned an indepedent survey. Cheshire Community Action, who were commssioned to carry out the survey, reported to residents and the Council prior to the Council’s meeting on 22nd January. The Council considered the written report from Cheshie Community Action and decided to explore options. Cheshire Community Action have provided a report with personal data removed and that report is available by clicking on the following link to the Stowe Local Housing Needs Report. A presentation was given at the Parish Meeting on 19th March in Stowe by Chartley Village Hall. The Parish Council has decided not to pursue this project.